Schloss, palace, Solitude, night
Stuttgart Solitude night
germany, rottweiller, medieval, autumn
Rottweil, Baden-Wurttemberg
palace, germany
Schloss Solitude ~ Stuttgart
Korea, DMZ, Korea border
North/South Korea DMZ
Sakura, Tokyon, Japan, cherry blossoms
Tokyo, Japan
2017 NC Summer-0372-1
North Carolina, USA
Bongenusa, temple, templestay, Seoul, Korea, prayers
Seoul, S Korea
Lausanne | Lec’ Leman | Switzerland
king's garden, palace, seoul, korea
S Korea | King’s Garden
Schloss Ludwigsburg
Rottweil, Deutschland, Fasnet, Carnival
Fasching Karnevale, Germany
Boblingensee, Germany

3 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Hi Daniel, I hope you are enjoying your time in Seoul. I am currently in Germany but if you get in touch with Greg Samborski at he may be able to help you with a professional headshot in Seoul. He is a fellow photographer and a great guy! Best of luck.


  2. Hi my name is Daniel Lee and I’m a UX Designer based in New York City but is visiting South Korea right now for the next month or so. I was hoping to have a professional headshot taken for linkedin and my resumes here in Seoul


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