About Lisa

Hi there, I’m Lisa, a freelance photographer and travel content writer with a passion for adventuristic experiences.  I’m not a frugal backpacker nor an extreme luxury traveler, but somewhere in the middle.  I’ve spent the last 15+ years seeking unique world travel experiences over four continents and 38+ countries.  Experiences like fascinating Israel that I can go on with my family, a trip to Borneo for a girls’ weekend, or a solo weekend retreat on the North/South Carolina beaches or mountains in the U.S.

Having lived in the United States, South Korea, and Germany, traveling has given me so many amazing opportunities to explore and learn about other cultures from many corners of the world.  Join me as I share my photography, experiences, and insider travel tips or feel free to drop me a line and ask me a question.

Feel free to contact me at lisa.r.bond@gmail or by using the form below for interests in working together.

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