Delightful International Folk Music & Dance Concert | Seoul Korea

I was very much delighted to be invited to the International Folk Music and Dance Concert held at the Theater YONG at the National Museum of Korea in Seoul, Korea on September 6, 2015.  Approximately 800 patrons were in attendance at this special concert.

Ha-kyung Choi, President of the Senior Public Diplomacy Group of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with 37 senior citizen members appointed by the MOFA of the Korean Government, wishes to enhance and improve mutual relationships between and among foreign nationals through art and culture, thereby ultimately contributing to global peace.

Phenomenal performances from nations around the world included those from Korea, France, Mongolia, Cambodia, Canada, Cuba, Indonesia, China, the international Varioso Choir, and an American Cheerleader Dancing Team.

During the Intermission and Awards Ceremony, the three top winners of the 2015 K-Bloggers Photo Contest with the theme of Korea’s Cultural Heritage through the Eyes of Foreigners, was announced and awards were presented. Photos were displayed in the front lobby for viewing and a slideshow was played for all during the intermission period. After the awards, more performances continued to entertain.

After the concert, two lucky patrons were awarded by random seat drawing round-trip airline tickets compliments of Asiana Airlines.

This extraordinary event couldn’t have been possible without the generous support and sponsorship of Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Asiana Airlines, and The Korea Observer.

Please support these local cultural events by getting out and enjoying all Korea has to offer and contributing to peace of the world.

2 thoughts on “Delightful International Folk Music & Dance Concert | Seoul Korea

  1. It looks fun. I’ll have to check it out.

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