War and Love – The War Memorial of Korea

Opened in 1994, The War Memorial is located on the former site of the Army’s Headquarters in Yongsan, central Seoul. The War Memorial of Korea consists of over 13,000 items on display in 7 indoor exhibits, including the Memorial Hall, War History Room, Korean War Room, Expeditionary Forces Room, ROK Armed Forces Room, and the Exhibition Hall of Donated Relics, and an outdoor exhibition area that features over 100 fighter jets, tanks and artillery batteries.  A must see in Seoul.  

In addition, there’s a Children’s Museum located on the east side of War Memorial complex, with an exhibition hall and children’s plaza.  Exhibits are presented at eye-level to children viewers including experiential learning facilities, video rooms, creative corners, and outdoor play area / more information at http://www.kidswarmemo.or.kr

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Visitor Information

Exhibition Hours 09:00 ~ 18:00 [Closed Mondays.  If Monday is a public holiday, museum will be closed following day.]


Free       (*excluding special and planned exhibitions with a nominal fee)

Parking fees

Small vehicles 2,000 won for 2 hours (1,000 won for every extra 30 minutes)
Large vehicles 10,000 won for 2 hours (3,000 won for every extra 30 minutes)

Please refer to the website for more information /  http://www.warmemo.or.kr

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