Strange and Wonderful Valentine’s Day Traditions

#Valentine's Day, #Love, #culture, #holiday, #tradition

A fun and quirky look at a tradition around the world that hasn’t always been about roses and candy.

Japan & South Korea – here, it’s the men who get spoiled.

Taiwan – they have two days – Valentine’s Day and White Day.

Denmark & Norway – men send women anonymous poems and rhyming love notes.

Wales – January 25th is their equivalent of Valentine’s Day.

#St. Valentin, #France, #Valentine's Day
St. Valentin, France

France – France has a little village called St. Valentin, in Indre, in the central Val de Loire Region which makes the most of the Valentine’s Day by celebrating with an annual festival which takes place from February 12th to 14th.

Big Ginger Heart Cookies, #Germany, #Valentine's Day, #tradition
ginger heart cookies, Germany

Check out the link below for even more fun and quirky traditions:


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