It Happens Every New Year

It happens every New Year: another year has slipped through my fingers and I’m left wondering where did the time go.  Did the things I do last year matter?  Was it a good year?  Did I accomplish anything on my bucket list?

#gettysburg #cannon #historic #pennsylvania #150 anniversary, #photography, #Civil War
Gettysburg 1862 cannon

At least four accomplishments on my bucket list were crossed off — I was able to cross off visiting two new places by traveling to Gettysburg, PA in July and  Grand Central Park, New York City, NY in December); and then for the first time ever I tried parasailing (Myrtle Beach, SC in October) and went to a Broadway play (Wicked).  Would I have liked to have crossed off more bucket list items?  Of course, but breaking two bones in my foot and having gallbladder surgery both within two weeks of each other in June slowed me down a bit.   Goal for 2014, no broken bones or surgeries!

#Grand Central Park, #New York City, #landmark
Central Park, NYC

Lots of people have bucket lists and that’s awesome!  To me, it doesn’t just mean all the things I want to do before I die, but rather all the things I want to accomplish during my lifetime.  There are many things on my bucket list I want to accomplish in 2014 and January is a good time to set those goals.  So for January, my goal is to come up with a plan for each month of this year to do something positive and find a way to make it a reality.

#parasailing, #Myrtle Beach, #South Carolina, #summer, #adventure, #bucket list

My list will always include visiting some new place I’ve never been before — but I’m challenging myself this year, each day, to find an opportunity to be more gracious, kind, optimistic, healthy, forgiving and generous to my family, friends and the world around me.

What are  your plans in 2014?

#lisa bond photography, #pinehurst, #north carolina, #photographer

Happy New Year everyone.  Make it a great year!

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