Manhattan Mischief | New York City

I recently got back from a fantastic trip to Manhattan.  New York City.  The Big Apple.  It’s been at least seven years since my last visit to the great State of New York.   People watching at  Grand Central Station.  Empire State Building.  Rockefeller Center.  View from the Top of the Rock.  Strolls down Fifth Avenue.  Christmas lights.  The anticipation of the unveiling of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree with its 45,000 lights!  Kids, young and young at heart stepping onto the ice staking rinks.  Sneaking a peek into the windows of the famous Macy’s storefront windows prior to unveiling.  Every street, ever intersection was so vibrant along with the brisk chill of Autumn in the air.  NY style pizza with the locals.  Coffee and a bagel slathered with cream cheese.  Oysters in one of the world’s most famous oyster bars.  Ahhh!  Feeling oh so Wicked on Broadway.  Night time strolls through Times Square and then back to my wonderful room at the  Grand Hyatt New York.  I must say they have one of THE most blissful beds I’ve ever slept in.  Visits with Ambassadors at not one Embassy, but two.  Grateful for their worldly insight and hospitality.  World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial.  What can I say… mere words aren’t enough to express the heartfelt sadness so many men, women and children suffered on that fateful day.  If you haven’t been to New York City lately, make time for a trip soon.  I’m glad I did.  Seven years was much too long…See you soon Lady Liberty. 

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