Its Not the Destination, Its the Journey


When you begin a journey with an intention in mind, you start by being motivated by the goal, finding strength in looking forward, toward the end result. Yet, along the way, the process of the journey teaches you to see the beauty of the path, and so your focus shifts.

You start taking more care with each step; you pay attention to what surrounds you instead of thinking what it will look like or feel like when you arrive.

You slow down to enjoy the process, savoring the moments spent embracing the path more than the minutes spent walking the path.

You exist in the present. And, when you finally reach the end of your journey, you realize that it wasn’t the destination that truly mattered; the journey itself was the true reward.”

Nan O’Brien is an internationally-acclaimed Intuitive Counselor, author, and radio host. Through her radio and TV appearances, her syndicated blog, her books, and her private counseling sessions, she has helped millions of people achieve clarity, peace, and healing. Nan uses intuition – vs. psychology – to deliver comfort, closure, and peace about current life situations.

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